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Cornufer and Epstein

You see it as what was always there, casting two-way shadows across time. You see it and know. There’s a sense of reckoning, there’s pagan deja vu. Everything’s explained. Yes, of course. Where did you think you were? 

It explains nothing more than inexplicability: that ultimately this too is history, this End of History endtime we find ourselves in, and if there’s a start to it there’ll be an end, and if there’s a true accounting they’re not letting you in on it. To the two-party regime it’s samizdat. To the civic religion it’s heresy. Consensus reality’s nonconsensual now. You’re not governed, you’re ruled. The god is dead.

The Canaanites were a civilization on the coast of the Levant with which the Israelites of the Bible were famously in constant conflict. Whether named as the Canaanites themselves, their progenitor Canaan, or indeed the other proto-Phoenician people such as the Philistines, throughout the Bible, we find the Israelites repeatedly in conflict with the Canaanites and their cultural counterparts. The Canaanites, in particular, were known for their sacrifices to Ba’al Hadad and/or Molech — typically performed in the Valley of Hinnom or Gehenna. The shrines of these sacrifices were known as “tophets”, a word originating from a very old, innocent semitic semantic approximation to a “music grove” or “music garden”. However, these places became places of human sacrifice by fire to Canaanite deities, and the term “tophet” came to have this meaning.  Gehenna was also thusly viewed as a cursed place for the Jews of iron age Israel, and based on Christ’s sermon on the mount, it is easy to imagine that this cursed location persisted in its use or perhaps merely in its own status as cursed.

Jeffrey Epstein claimed the temple was a “Music Hall”. (NBC)

The Dying-and-Rising Gods: Ba'al Hadad

The first image is blurry by modern standards. It’s an aerial shot at a strange angle. The Temple stands in perfect tropical sunshine. You see it in darkness. Palm trees nod their fronds whimsically in the wind. Grassy slopes rise in the background, manicured, good for golf, a resort atmosphere. Cobalt stripes the stucco walls like an old time beach changing room. It’s chintzy. It’s McMansion. The windows are different shapes and sizes. The dome’s probably fake gold, maybe even plastic. And yet there’s the statues. Those, you know somehow… yes, those are solid gold.

And then they’re gone. They say a storm took them. That’s your last glimpse. They couldn’t hide them in time. You look more and more. There are more images now, drone footage. You start reading words into the plaza tiles. You try to see through the windows. They’re abyssal black. The shadow within seems to press against the glass. You smell pennies and incense. Masked figures peak out at you from absolute pixelated black. Voices chant incomprehensibly to the thuds of strangely-skinned drums. Indeed, indeed, the harpies took them. The very same harpies that guarded the hallowed and cursed site.

In the King James Version of the bible, Gehenna and Infernus are both translated as “Hell” but Gehenna is always referred to as a location in which you are already living, but your body and soul are destroyed in your being at the physical location or being cast into its fire. The best example of this contrast is in Matthew 10:28, “ Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in [Gehenna]”. The topic of why these two terms should have been conflated 1500 years post-factum is indeed an important topic for another time, and one that needs thorough investigation indeed.

Little St. James was its own Gehenna. From the date of the first temple images people have suggested the child abuse had a pragmatic purpose: building ruling class solidarity. Entrants to the halls of power can only be trusted to do what’s required of them if their comrades know them personally capable of unspeakable transgression. This pragmatic psychological reading of the situation lines up perfectly with the occult symbolism. For reasons of trust and bonding, Little St. James was a place of soul-destruction.

Why else would that temple appear in such an archaic form? Its colors and statues are vaguely Hellenistic but, in fact, its golden dome or austere cuboid faces are not at all hellenistic but instead indeed very oriental. Furthermore, the Greeks themselves saw no real difference between their gods and the gods of the Canaanites or Carthaginians. By interpretatio Graeca, Ba’al Hammon was associated with Kronos — indeed, both deities were heavily associated with fertility. Ba’al Hammon and Haddad were also both named with epithets such as the “Lord of Two Horns”, and the bull or goat. Kronos’ most famous symbol was the sickle, which geometrically is quite obviously in the form of bull horns. Indeed, Kronos’ most famous deed was consuming his children, just as Haddad or Hammon consumed the offspring of Canaan. In syncretizing these two gods, as well as the entire pantheon of horned Afro-Asiatic gods with Saturn and Kronos, in addition to the most common depiction of Satan, something very dark and real arises. Even in the Celtic and Germanic pagan religions there was Cernunnos, a horned god whose name means something like “the horned one”. Like Saturn, Cronos, Hammon, Hadad, and Lucifer, Cernunnos was associated with the serpent, and also was depicted with two sets of horns. We can thus, with very high confidence, comparatively reconstruct a deity — an evil deity, who consumes both body and soul by flame — which I will neologize as “Cornufer”, or the “the horn-bearer” in Latin.


A statue of Serapis — a Graeco-Egyptian deity who became the consort of Isis.

This cultural amalgam suggests two opposing origins: continuity or bastardization. It may well suggest a pan-Mediterranean child-sacrifice cult originating with Canaanites (before them, even) that endured under centuries of secrecy. Just as easily, it could be larp, an eclectic set of ominous cultural signifiers chosen for little more than their associations with child-sacrifice. Secret Societies tend to claim ancient continuity that may or may not be there. All we have is the physical evidence. Secret societies did indeed arise in the symbolist period. Al-Fatat and others come to mind. But investigating them is another topic.

Isis-Fortuna. From Pompeii

It overshadows. You see it as insinuations objectified, figures dancing in the night. They prance, gambol around a bonfire only they can see. You can’t see darkness visible. Every pixel is dead on the screen. You can’t see The Temple. It’s not for your eyes.

Icons are thoughts as images. 9/11 was a carefully curated set of answers. The Temple is all questions half-articulated. In iconicity images of The Temple surpass 9/11 and mean the opposite. Everyone understands death and fear of civilizational decline. There’s no conspiracy to the simple images of towers falling on their own. You see The Temple though, and know it’s not a building that falls. Its foundations are too rooted. They’re miles deep.

Shells in the form of goat horns on Epstein’s island.

Beyond Epstein, there was the Christian Lebanese-American George Nader, a power broker in the Middle-East and Levant. He was convicted several times of child sex crimes, and was in the following positions: “Unofficial liaison between the United States and the UAE”, “Unofficial liaison between the United States and Saudi Arabia” (which was born out of organizations like Al-Fatat), and indeed if that wasn’t enough, he worked as a lobbyist for Blackwater, a military-industrial mercenary contracting organization. He was, in effect, a warmonger, but more shockingly, a child trafficker.

A statue of Apis, the god replaced by Serapis
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An almost identical statue that is moved every day on Epstein’s Island.

The roots here are deeper than modern, secular religion. For the worshippers of Cornufer, their stated “religion” means nothing, but their dedication to Cornufer is absolute. Reader — do not fret, for the unwindings of all secrets are made by the winds of time, and indeed we have slowly but surely begun to trace this thread, and perhaps trace it back to the tree whence this evil arose. Until then, stay tuned — indeed the new frequency of the new culture is arising and this culture will push Cornuferians away from their slaves and sacrifices. We will save the Jews, Christians, and Muslims, who are considered by these sick men, whose souls have been devoured in Gehenna, just as Christ says in Matthew 10:28. They are no longer men, but dust obscuring the true view of evil, that obscure blue building on that obscure green island, let us begin the whirlwind and whip them away with our arts.

Health unto you — Salutem Tibi.

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