I am Sod

Paucae Carminae

I have pasted two excerpts from the Carminae Sodalium, both of these near the beginning of the epic. I may discuss these excerpts in future, but for now, I am publishing them without much context nor commentary. Though reading this is probably necessary background

For one hundred miles he walked.
Back to his ashen home.
Where his wife once bid “goodbye”
But the time since has been “so long”
And the walls of his city lay barren.
And the houses had roofs of smoke.
Naught was left of his home.
When he saw this, our Sod broke.

Approaching the lights like a fire,
The Sod walked through the dust
He thought his building was a pyre,
But search through the damnation he must.

Dead and gone was his wife.
A body lay sprawled in the ash.
Pristine like the verdant wells
Her lovely belt undone like a lash

The rage in him grew horrid,
But the confusion of the day wore on:
Tears flew from his eye, “Goodbye”

Sweat, so human it is,
You drip with it, in the dark
You have become Lutus in time,
But now you are simply Cinis
The Grey One, ashen, bloody
The world is full of hate,
And you should be its idol.
In Heaven, do you think you shall feel this?
Do you think, Sod, that I sweat?
Do you think, Sod, that I envy?
Do you think Sod, that I pine?
Do I feel pain?
Am I vengeful, Sod?
Domine, you are like me!
Domine, you crave War!
Domine, Destruction!
Domine, shall we not destroy Them?
And Monas was silent.
And the Sod felt naught but impure
And a great, pale fog came over the ashen lands.
The Lord forsakes, the Sod says.
It is as it is.
The World is cruel.
I shall find water.
I thirst.
The skin of the Sod cured with Ash,
Stained with blood,
Who are you to say what God is?
Monas, he is greater than You.
Monas omnia amat
This was the voice of nobody,
The voice of the fog, the war,
The insanity, the blood,
The fervor, the heat, the cold,
The burning eyes, the burning skin,
The broken heart, the lithic liver
The cuts, the scars, the bronze
This was the voice of a broken body
And yet the voice dissipated into the aether,
Just as the spirit over the waters,
And you, the Sod, you were lost. You wandered among the blood and bones,
You searched for the water
The waters

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