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The Curse of Canaan and The Sons of Shem

Part 1: A Grim Array of Discoveries

When news first broke of the details of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring, the internet became awash with information that had been gathered by the motivated and able. One of the most interesting of these items of information were the images of his island. Anybody who viewed these images will remember the strange religious-looking statues dotted all across the island. Weird gods, ancient in nature even. On his famous temple-like structure, he once had two obscure goddesses or owls adorning the top, and one small statue at the entrance. For most people, it appears they brushed it off as nonsense from a demented man. Perhaps.

One of the first images that broke showing the temple in it’s pre-storm form.

However, one individual I am close with, who has a formal education in these matters, revealed to me a number of strangenesses about all of this.

The first thing that he noticed was that outside the original Epstein temple, the statue of a god appeared to depict a man holding a trident, riding a chariot or animal of some kind. This could of course be Poseidon, and the whole complex could of course a typically bourgeois homage to Hellenism.

A close up of the statue in question. Note that it appears to be riding something and is holding a trident (with its head upwards, for some reason).

Something wasn’t quite right though. You’ll note that in the above statue, its obviously not purely hellenistic. There are bizarre elements to the statue that are almost alien in nature. He looks like one with his chariot, or horse – but it certainly does not look like a normal horse. What’s going on here? We noted, at first rather in jest, that perhaps the statue was Ba’al Hadad, the chief God of the Phoenicians and indeed the Canaanites from the Bible. Ba’al Hadad was also associated with storms and was often depicted carrying a trident or spear, riding a chariot (this was particularly true in Ugarit, where we have our best sources on Canaanite religion). He was the patron god of all overseas merchants…

We noted the strangeness, then kept digging.

The key to all of this, and perhaps the most compelling piece of evidence that would be found, lay with the building itself. Epstein or his representatives had claimed that this temple structure was his “music room” (source). In fact, while there remained a grand piano in this small cube, he had planned a much larger 3,500 sq. ft. palatial pavilion for his “music” activities. This is where things got weird.

To give some background, the Canaanites (Canaan being an area roughly in modern day Lebanon and northern Israel), and more broadly all practitioners of the Canaanite religion, had a practice which to most sane men would be considered deeply evil in nature. The Canaanites, as documented by both the Old Testament as well as Roman accounts of the Carthaginians (who practiced this religion, and indeed were descendents of the Phoenicians), would burn their children and babies alive in times of hardship to appease their god: Ba’al Hadad (or Ba’al Hammon for the Carthaginians, and simply Ba’al for the Ugaritics – the god was essentially the same).

For those who have read the Old Testament, you will know that the Canaanites were essentially the arch-nemeses of the Israelites. This is because Yahweh essentially promises the Canaanites’ land to the Israelites (“The Promised Land”). Throughout the book of Joshua, the ensuing conquest of Canaan is described in much bloody detail. This apparently all occurs sometime around 13th century BC. You would think, that after mass suppression and conquest of the Canaanites, that their religion would surely die with it. It did not, and in fact according to the Old Testament, it is not until the 7th century BC that the Jews are finally able to end the practice of child sacrifice in the holy land, according to the second book of Kings.

So, what happened here? Evidently, the Canaanites were able to go underground. They were able to maintain their brazen religious practice for hundreds of years before finally being muscled out of it. Some may say that this is clear evidence that, perhaps, the Israelites did not object to it. It is certainly clear in the Old Testament that they did, but even if that is not to be believed, the Topheths in Carthage were operational well into the Christian period – despite the fact that Carthage was conquered by Rome (where human sacrifice was very much so illegal) in 146 BC. This means that the Ba’alist worshippers were able to subvert legal measures to stop them for hundreds of years regardless of where they had been conquered.

What is the connection to all of this? My friend at some point accessed a piece of information which was shocking. While translations are varying, one prominent theory for the etymology of the word “Tophet” is thus: “the Hebrew words are nearly identical; and Tophet [was] probably the king’s “music-grove” or garden, denoting originally nothing evil or hateful. ” (source). Sounds a bit like Epstein’s “music room” – which really is more of a garden of sorts in the proposed plans found in the aforementioned NBC article.

On its own, the above evidence is substantial but a bit tenuous at best. It’s something. Sadly, there is more: Ba’al Hadad’s symbolic animal was a Bull. Weeks after the initial wave of Epstein-related information, reports started to emerge that a strange life-size “cow” statue was moved around the island weekly or daily.

Note the very prominent horns on the “cow” these would be considered very large horns for a the Holstein-Friesian breed that is depicted. On the other hand, it has a prominent udder…

These pictures are odd. The horns are very large for this particular breed (Holstein-Friesian) of cattle, yet the udder cannot be ignored; if I had to guess, this is a sick joke on the part of Epstein (and the Canaanites?). This is a breed that is particularly iconic in the American psyche, the prototypical image that a child thinks of when the word “cow” is uttered.

There were indeed many other statues on LSJ Island, take these below, for instance:

Man and woman statue found on LSJ
Ancient statue of Melqart, a Canaanite god. Observe similarity of this one to the statue on the left of the LSJ photo.
A statue found near the pool at LSJ
“Aqhat, who now has the bow, is offered a reward by the goddess Anat if he will give it to her. Anat offers Aqhat first gold and silver, but he refuses. She then offers him immortality, but he refuses again As she makes her offers, she uses language that likely implies an offer of a sexual nature as well. His refusal is disrespectful: he tells her to go get a bow of her own from Kothar-wa-Hasis, and says that woman have no business with such weapons. He insists that immortality is impossible: all humans must die. Anat, outraged, leaves to speak to the high god El.” Summary of ancient Canaanite epic. Sounds right up JE’s alley.

Part 2: A Grim Realization / Modern Canaanism

Epstein’s exposal, of course, brought up the classic questions about Jewish people and the conspiracy theories regarding their role in the modern West. Epstein was Jewish, and he was of course also a terrible person of seemingly nothing but ill-gotten gains. He had connections to the rich and powerful of the world, and indeed other similarly powerful Jewish individuals. I had not ever been one for the JQ, I had seen far too many Jewish people in my life who absolutely were in no state of power, and this is fairly indisputable both statistically and historically, certainly at least on the tail end of things. While their proportional prominence in power is of course known, there are many issues with the sort of conspiracy many believe is taking place when one looks at most Jews. I think we can all agree that for the most part, Jewish poverty has not been solved. Zionism is an institution which is out of the scope of this piece, and I will likely not comment on it in the near future as I believe myself to be holding no novel ideas regarding this.

Indeed, there was another case around this time which made me further skeptical. An extremely powerful and diplomatically unscrupulous individual by the name of George Nader had been charged with transporting pornography depicting child sexual abuse and beastiality. Nader was the perfect sort of person when you imagine a shadowy global deep-state force sowing war and conflict. He was a lobbyist for Blackwater, and a self-described “shadow diplomat” for the US to communicate with powerful individuals in the Middle East. But he is Christian.

Despite this, people started claiming that his Christianity was false, and that in fact he was a secret Jew. Claims like these are simply not falsifiable for their claimants, and it would not make sense that one individual in the secret Jewish “cabal” would be a self-described Christian while the rest were proud Jews. Why?

Unless none of the members of the “cabal” were Jewish nor Christian. What if it was something else? What if, like in Carthage and Israel, the Canaanites had long subverted notice – if they went by “Jewish” in Israel (they would have had to in order to not be killed), then you would expect a long tradition of lying about religion in order to escape scrutiny. A secret society of sorts. Similarly, some may claim to be Christians or Muslims in Lebanon or Tunis. This is to simply propose that certain Canaanite traditions were sustained in extremely small minority populations in regions where these traditions had been prevalent.

In any case, I would love to hear from you if you have any findings regarding this. I would also like to say that this is only a theory, and certainly I do not suggest any praxis on it’s grounds. There is little known. Truth is the light that will burn away the evil, and truth is a product of patient action.

Good luck fellow sod; usual content will return immediately,


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