I am Sod

What is a Sod?

What is a Sod? Do you claim to be turf: grass sod rolled in spiraled trunks, just waiting to be laid? Do you claim to be a sod, the derogatory term: short for sodomite? This does not seem very holy! You cannot be high, associating yourself with dirt and sin, I shall not entertain you any longer!

So be it – so be it. If you do not see that man is as sinful as he is holy then you will not much be placated by what I have to say. I have good news, but no, not that comfy Christian kind.

Man is meant to be sordid, without his fault he is nothing but an animal or angel, and it is better to once be man in life than to never be man but angel.

So, what is our redemption, how do we escape our sin? That is the mystery, I suppose. Eternity is only eternity because it is round; thus you should not run from your imperfections lest you run into them harder.

There is only one truth that we know: the human soul has infinite value. To define this infinite value, only esoteric thought can do. This brings us back to “Sod”: ‘sod’ means ‘esoteric’ in the tradition of western esotericism, originating from Hebrew.

Best of all is the Latin word sodalis — which gives the following possible definitions: “companion, mate, fellow, intimate, comrade, crony”. More often than not, I find it used in a friendly manner in the Latin literature that I have read. In any case, I like to think of all those who visit the blog as fellow sodalites, our cronies, our comrades, our intimates, our friends :).

This is a happy accident in fact. Sod is meant to represent everything mentioned previously. We must recognize than man is not very wise, he is not very good, certainly he is not very perfect. But he has infinite value in his soul. There is nothing on earth that could ever be equal to the value of a soul. So why is the man so flawed?

It is of no consequence, I would argue. Humans become better humans when they are connected with the esoteric, when they consider that which seems inconsiderable. My aim, my creed, my belief, my faith: give man the map to the base of Jacob’s ladder, and the rest will follow.

We are all Sods. We are all flawed. We are all of infinite, irreplaceable value. The key to true morality is a connection with the divinely esoteric, the mystic, the magical. The key to this connection is the study of man’s relationship with divinity – from West to East, East to West, Antediluvian to Future, and from Future to Antediluvian.

This blog intends to study this relationship, and will offer genuine, actionable praxis to all those who read it.

With love,

Another Sod.
Amore, Alius Sodalis.

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