I am Sod

Cornufer and Epstein

You see it as what was always there, casting two-way shadows across time. You see it and know. There’s a sense of reckoning, there’s pagan deja vu. Everything’s explained. Yes, of course. Where did you think you were?  It explains nothing more than inexplicability: that ultimately this too is history, this End of History endtime […]

Tragoedia Transeunda Est

Life is not as simple as any philosopher will tell you. It is not as simple as what I, a foolish sod, would tell you either. It is why I insist upon the idea of poesis, so that one may understand the poetry of their own lives as being distinctly and definitively capable of producing meaningfulness merely through carrying out your life itself in a poetic manner.

Poesis, Truth, and the Atom

If I have not forgotten anything unintentionally, these are the principal opinions concerning the soul. I have omitted Democritus, a very great man indeed, but one who deduces the soul from the fortuitous concourse of small, light, and round substances; for, if you believe men of his school, there is nothing which a crowd of […]

An Introduction

If you have arrived here it is likely because you are already somebody who is conscious, afraid, and internally quite shattered. It is a common condition in these times; there is hardly a rock in the developed world which cannot be turned to find angst. The source of it can never be agreed upon, however, […]

The Tyranny of the Petty State II: The State Department Reads Livy Too

In my practice of Latin I have been reading a lot of unedited and generally unabridged (with the exception of the Perochia) Livy lately, which has both enriched my knowledge of history but has also given me what I feel is a unique insight into both the operations of the Roman state as well as […]

Poesis Definita

While I have spoken of poesis quite extensively in my works, I have yet to create a fully systematic and well-delineated definition for this concept which has become key to Sodean Theology and Theurgical practices. I even have an article describing how one should use poesis to drive their life towards heaven, but what this […]

Tyranny of the Petty State, Special Edition: The Poesis of Hannibal Barca

Sources for this article include mostly Nepos as well as some Livy and Eutropius. These were all read in the original Latin. If you are familiar with my very early works, you will know my position on the nature of the supposedly extinct Punic and Canaanite religions (which I have found some evidence still exist […]

Rome, America, and the Tyranny of the Petty State (Part I)

As this continuously ascending and descending world finds itself in a condition of extreme self-reflection, the impulse will always be, and has always been, to look towards history for answers. Whether these answers are to tell us what to do — that is, imperative answers — or are instead to tell us where within the […]

Carmen Paucum I

From whence we came and unto where we goA silent and soft, rocky river shall flowI wish for good and good people wish this for allBut I would have been rude to reject the call If I falter and if I fall flat on my ode-racked and silly old faceThen I shall be muddy ridden, […]

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