I am Sod

De Illis Qui Incubant (On Those Who Brood)

In recent, given the current state of affairs across the world, we have seen an influx of truly “reactionary” messaging — a ressentiment spurred suddenly onward by truly deserved social unrest.

The mission of the Sod is truly singular, and that is to recognize wholly the holiness of God and the sanctity of creation. These things are one in the same, but in the theological parlance of our time, we have few words to describe the truly magnificent bounty that is our holy creation: a true piece of God in every good man, woman, or child. Beyond that, our stars, the mountains, the blue sky between them: these are all God.

If man is sacred, if his soul is God’s distributed wealth, then we as Sods must be wary of all violence. The destruction of human life by force is the destruction of the forces of God’s creation. When life is treated as disposable, Sods must reject the notion entirely and do all they can to restore the “soul trust”. This is to say that it is the Sod’s administration to protect and create an institutional respect of God’s creation.

What we have is not that, it is not even remotely an institution of respect and reverence towards God. Humans are treated as lifeless units in some simulation of a geopolitical game. Locally, an impunitous and pompous police force micromanages our shallow lives of empty production and consumption. It is this superstructure and substructure that is truly unholy and even evil, so we must raise our meager voices in support of the chaos which weakens and entangles the relentlessly boring and vindictive aristocracy.

I write this because there are many who believe themselves to be men of God, yet twist themselves into knots to defend these pornographic displays of empty, degenerate force that kills and maims our fine fellow Sods. It should be said of course, that these police are human, and they are certainly Sods too; however, they have been gravely mislead and are in fact great perpetrators of violence to all people of this nation — certainly not just any one race.

The brooders are those who react to the condition of life, and their newfound social consciousness, by allowing themselves to be consumed by hot anger, rage, and indeed hatred.

There is no need for anger, nor hatred. Your conditions are your own. Most importantly, however, this state is one of deep discomfort to the soul — it is a state which indeed can consume your soul entirely should you allow it to become your own person. This is not uncommon, you see these figures everywhere. With each passing day, the more hateful they are, the uglier their faces look. I mean this quite literally, and if you examine the visages of the older generation of brooders, you will find this to be a universal law.

In the past, the brooders that I have battled most are the antisemites. They are most common in my circles, and I, perhaps, could not disagree with their observations more. I have explained in previous posts my well-founded reasons for being in such opposition to this brooding; I fear it is hopeless. With them, you need only to defend a single Jew before you yourself are “accused” of being Jewish. Their claims are non-falsifiable because they are paranoid, lousy degenerates.

Brooders see their enemies everywhere. If they brood against the Jews, they start to see Jews not only in high towers but also low: under the brooder’s bed. If they fear other races in general, they likely have had very little interaction with non-whites. Yet they claim to have some secret knowledge that all the city slickers can’t see — that these non-whites are simply waiting to exterminate the whites. It is absurd that these people are the ones with the least personal experience with non-whites, yet they claim themselves to be “redpilled” on race and ultimately publicly humiliate themselves with their truly laughable rhetoric. Further yet, they fetishize their skin. I assure you, it becomes deeply psycho-sexual, it is a languishing cataclysm for the soul — because it is not Truth.

Let God’s Truth alone guide you. You already know it, yet you do not obey it. Why?

I assure you. All men on this earth are Sods. Do not allow your soul to become blighted with that inspired anger. We can all feel and know that it is a truly erosive state. It is intuited, even by these brooders, yet they waste away in their sin regardless.

These riots will end in one of two ways. One way that they may end is if the BLM rhetoric is closely adhered to. In this scenario, white middle class liberals will continue to co-opt the movement and eventually entirely pacify it.

The other way is if people shift the focus of the riots towards class, and leaders begin to arise out of this transition. Whites can only escape the boot of the Columbian aristocracy if they see themselves as proletarians rather than “whites”. It is only with the ardor of our oppressed fellow racial communities that anything beyond petty screeching in the public square can be achieved.

Sods must unite under God, and towards the Goodness of God. Greed is truly in the hearts of both the strivers and the billionaires of effectively infinite wealth. These classes care little of anyone else and solely seek to protect their own financial interests rather than protect their own countrymen.

We all are sons and daughters of Noah. Only Canaan was cursed, and Canaan is the Anglo-American aristocracy. It is not coincidence that so many of them live in “New Canaan”. They represent not any one ethnic group, but a loose coalition of extremely wealthy beltway and coastal wonks with an enormity of both boorishness and boringness. They are all Anglo-protestant in ideological doctrine, no matter their religion. And none of it is important.

There is only one goal. Establish institutional respect for God, and by this, God’s creation too. Earth must be saved, Man must be saved, for therein these things is God itself on Earth. In the Heavens, God smiles on us with the light of the sun. Onward brave Sod, despair naught for night comes for the soulless, and day comes for the holy.

God loves you deeply, that is what you know, it is what will drive you forth.

With love,


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