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On “Peace”

With the growth of interest in Eastern mysticism, particularly with the recent rise of Kali/Acc meme cults and other demagogueries, the idea of “nirvana” and other such notions of an ultimate platonic “peace” which is said by some to be achievable in one’s life has become a popular goal.

I will say now that such a peace does not exist, is not attainable by truly ensouled people, and even if it were attainable it would by no means be desirable. The obsession with Eastern mysticism is not at all new to the far-right, and indeed I suspect much of this simply has risen from two phenomena: psychedelic drug use being covertly seen as a form of theurgy, and the mere fact that the Nazis themselves were very much so fascinated with this Eastern mysticism and “peace” (which to them would largely be defined as apathy).

Himmler kept a copy of the Bhagavad Gita with him at all times, and I would be hard pressed to think of a man who was more crooked and corrupted in soul than Himmler. That is not to dismiss or denounce Eastern religion as “evil” but instead to say that these far-right interpretations of Eastern religion are naught but wishful thinking by people who are otherwise incapable of achieving much in their life other than milking Twitter for followers. The Bhagavad Gita is a holy Hindu text in which a deity convinces a prince that he must slaughter his enemies with impunity. Yes, very based and epic! But have you considered that the deity itself was something unjust, something otherworldly yet corrupt? There is a reason that we feel naturally inclined towards “peace”, so how does such a murderous act, which clearly acts against the desires of our soul, fit into the Eastern puzzle of peace?

Truly, the message does resonate because when we see evil in the world we must defeat it, but Himmler was a fool, who probably got off easy, because he saw evil where it was not and acted impetuously, impiously, and with evil in a tortured heart — Brooding is far from peace. You cannot hate decent people without decaying the soul. Himmler surely did far worse than this, at that.

If one is able to tell themselves that all people are reborn, that life is a cycle etc, etc, we see that this can easily lead to atrocity. Life means nothing to he who believes such things. At best he lives his life in total mediocrity and thinks nothing of it, at worst we will see slaughter. Is this really considered moral by anybody? To those who claim to be at “peace” they really just mean that they have acted against their soul so many times such that they have worn away the natural resistance to evil. These people have lost the goodness of their souls in the process, and have literally worn themselves into Hell — indeed selling their souls to the devil.

There is no peace in life specifically because of this natural resistance to evil. Our lives our made up of love, God, and indeed a perennial war against both evil and our own travails. Peace is to sit down and allow this war to consume you, relinquish God and love, and to sit in “harmony” with the world — which is to move nothing toward goodness and allow the decay of your own holy soul. The world is not meant to be lived in, but lived against. You will love and thusly hurt, you will thank God for your life and thusly be victorious.

Your soul aches for divinity and sublimity, can you rise to the task? It is not easy. God’s love is more rare in life than I’d like to admit, but it is indeed there, and only through conquest can it be found in concentration. To be complacent in the face of evil is indeed so peaceful, and yet it will eat at you until your dying breath. Should you commit true evil, it is likely to swallow your soul whole, and even before your death you shall not be alive.

There are many different kinds of “peace” we can discuss, indeed there are some peaces which are very real. However, the platonic, mystic peace which some seek is truly unattainable, I promise. Don’t waste your time when you could be acting in good faith (unto God) and living a life which means something truly beautiful. A peaceful life is not poetic. Do you not see this? There is no poetry in this peace, it is a trap.

If your life is not poetry, then you have failed yourself. God will forgive the indifferent, but even in heaven you could not possibly be satisfied with such a life.

This is a topic which deserves much more focus than this short article but should I be pressed, I will expand.

In any case — caution.

With love,


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