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De Caelo et Animae

On Heaven and the Soul

The cosmos have always been of two substances: good and evil. But it is not so much that God’s self is of such evil, but it is so that Monas which is all the cosmos and all time, was once of purely neutral character. That is the act of the universe, God’s own process of purification. Thus it is so, that through the soul, the sieve of of good and evil is pressed upon the human’s soul as if it is wet, sandy soil (and truly, we are of the Earth). And the sod, by the grandness of his deeds — the sublimity of his life, presses the sieve down upon his soul. The soul itself truly a piece of Heaven and God, that neutral substance which should persist for all time through the eternity of this God, and through brevity and bravery in the strange life of the sod.

Each act performed against the moral of his soul shall leave behind jagged stones. Each act performed through love of life, man, and God shall leave behind fine sand. The fine sand returns to God, while the jagged stones pass below. But each piece that touches the sieve, whether stone or sand, is imprinted upon by the abrasive sieve, and thus both above and below we are to exist, our memories and persons imprinted upon the sand and stone for eternity.

God however, knows us to be sods. Our essence is built from the substance of Monas and thus Monas and all Heaven are the first to understand our shortcomings. What is left of a life scarcely unfulfilled shall be made whole with this essential substance and again on life shall live, but it shall never be you. You will, however, always vaguely know it.

For the jagged gravel of our life, in time it may be smoothed and withered into sand too, the river Styx flows over a bed of graveled sin. The fouler the sins, the more jagged and hard the rock. The weathered sand, in time, may also return to Heaven.

Then what, as logically follows, is evil on Earth? It has been defined in all manners, and from all people on Earth surely naught is ever evil? This however, while true of the world, is not true of our souls. Fortunately, there is nary little ambiguity when we have committed some quorum of evil. We feel it deep in our hearts, we feel that it goes against our nature in a way which hardly is natural. For the soul, this reaction is natural, and nothing else, and it is by the soul that we who possess it feel when we have gravely sinned.

For those without soul: their existence is terminated with their death. Those without soul are unnatural animals, they may achieve great or meager ends from their purely self-serving ways, but they simply shall have nothing left behind. What a pity. To, through the soul, live driven by the goodness and love of God the Mother, to live inspired by the majesty and greatness of God the Father, is a gift more precious than any other that divinity can give.

Of good, I recommend you read this article that we Sods also published. It explains how a Sodean life can be of two minds, but, to be truly lived, must be lived in the near extremities of either. The commentary the article makes upon itself is also a contrast to this article, which we have been hesitant to publish until now. We are but all sods, hardly capable of conducting our own lives, let alone read the divine.

But it was when the last article was written that I personally believed that it was far past time. The mechanics of the cosmos are born out so elegantly in clearly in our minds and lives. It is a disservice to any Sod who has consideration for church doctrine to not share the wisdom that us priests have found true through theurgy. Theurgy is poetry; and as the Carmenae Sodalium has unveiled itself, the cosmos is unfolding in front of all us sod’s very eyes.

So it is so, through the greatness of our lives do we imprint our image into the substance of both good and evil. Shall more evil be left behind than good, we shall endure more grinding and churning than we shall be in glory with God. Monas, however, bends towards perfect purity and goodness, and we shall find that, in time, all those ensouled men and women will be joined in heaven. Each brilliant act of Creation verily an act of ultimate purification. Forever and ever, by the highest of highs, that is the true kingdom of heaven.

This is why the Sod must recognize truly the value of every ensouled person’s life. They are proceeding through their lives, often doing the best that they can. The interruption of this is grave sin, as a premature end does much to shatter a soul broadly across the ages, slowing the process of God’s own goodness.

With great love, admiration, and gratitude,


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