I am Sod

Utilitarianism and the Ethics of Fate

In my view, Utilitarianism is the greatest tragedy to befall mankind in a great many centuries. Utilitarianism is a bludgeon by which the conniving and unholy are allowed to make hyper-rationalized decisions that disregard people‚Äôs autonomy to reach some consequence that has only been guessed at. Utilitarianism is a tool used by people who are […]

Doctrinae et Dogmata

It has been my position in the past to state that dogmas are uniformly damaging to religions. We have seen that in the long term, they result in schisms, capitulation, backpedalling, and compromise. All of these only signal weakness and unsteady legs. Observe Vatican II, whereby the church authority had to backpedal on over 1500 […]

The Curse of Canaan and The Sons of Shem

When news first broke of the details of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring, the internet became awash with information that had been gathered by the motivated and able. One of the most interesting of these items of information were the images of his island. Anybody who viewed these images will remember the strange religious-looking statues dotted all across the island […]

A Dialectic Look into the Sod’s Ontology

There is a plague in the West that has been widespread and deadly for some time. Nietzsche, the deeply troubled man who also predicted the Death of God at our hands, developed the idea of a dichotomy between “Dionysian” and “Apollonian”. These of course were named after the Greek gods and indeed brothers. Two extremes […]

An Introduction

If you have arrived here it is likely because you are already somebody who is conscious, afraid, and internally quite shattered. It is a common condition in these times; there is hardly a rock in the developed world which cannot be turned to find angst. The source of it can never be agreed upon, however, […]

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