I am Sod


The question of sin is a question which is quite comically gargantuan, but for the sake of necessarily short-breathed explanations of Sodean theology, I’m going to state from the start that this by no means comprehensive and is certainly not a stone-walled defense of Sodean theology with regards to sin. The first question when discussing […]

Opulence and Humility

On the question of sin, such a conversation is always to be dragged either towards sex or towards luxury. These are things which most people experience or consider on a somewhat frequent basis and thus often feel complicit in the supposed sins that one faith or another may place upon the head of one who […]

Poesis And Sodean Eschatology

🛐⚜️🛐 There is a very rare word in the English language, derived from Ancient Greek, and indeed a word which I have found to be beautifully fitting when discussing Sodean ontology, and in particular Sodean eschatology — the destination of both the Sod and the entire body of spirit which makes up the Sod. This […]

Praxis Sodalium

How should a sod live? How should a sod practice their religion? How should they treat others? How should they treat other sods? The Sodalite manner of living is one which is perhaps older than the church itself. The high chapter — those of us who were first to adopt Sodeanism — and its high […]

On “Peace”

With the growth of interest in Eastern mysticism, particularly with the recent rise of Kali/Acc meme cults and other demagogueries, the idea of “nirvana” and other such notions of an ultimate platonic “peace” which is said by some to be achievable in one’s life has become a popular goal. I will say now that such […]

De Caelo et Animae

On Heaven and the Soul The cosmos have always been of two substances: good and evil. But it is not so much that God’s self is of such evil, but it is so that Monas which is all the cosmos and all time, was once of purely neutral character. That is the act of the […]

Medicina Mentis Animaeque [DEPRECATA]

The Medicine of Mind and Soul After much discourse, it has been decided that the Ecclesia does not find this article, in its entirety, particularly helpful or correct. As such, consider it’s doctrine deprecated pending a further investigation of this vast topic “Mental Health” is an issue that has quite rapidly become a central issue […]

Paucae Carminae

I have pasted two excerpts from the Carminae Sodalium, both of these near the beginning of the epic. I may discuss these excerpts in future, but for now, I am publishing them without much context nor commentary. Though reading this is probably necessary background For one hundred miles he walked.Back to his ashen home.Where his […]

De Illis Qui Incubant (On Those Who Brood)

In recent, given the current state of affairs across the world, we have seen an influx of truly “reactionary” messaging — a ressentiment spurred suddenly onward by truly deserved social unrest. The mission of the Sod is truly singular, and that is to recognize wholly the holiness of God and the sanctity of creation. These […]

Natus Priscus

There was no beginning, only light. The Godhead was pure, but the Godhead is a suspension, not a solution, and the constituent parts became unruly as it cooled. Precipitated from God, first were his children, then the archangels, then the angels. All would be well, but God’s realm is free in it’s will. God is […]

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